• System 7 Young Pro Chest Prot. Ages 9 - 12 Years
    (Item#: CP912S7 )


    • The System Seven™ youth chest protectors are made with the same materials as our professional adult chest protectors.
    • The sleek U-Bar design squares up the body and helps present a flat surface for blocking balls.
    • Shoulders wrap up and over for complete over the shoulder protection.
    • Adjustable shoulder cap.
    • Low rebound memory foam.
    • Sternum, collar bone, and throat PE plates.
    • Large ventilation holes on backside of chest protector.
    • Removable tail.
    • Four point adjustable DeltaFlex™ Harness.
    • All star chest protectors are measured from the top of the sternum (below the collar) to a player's navel.
    • The chest protector should fit high, with the throat guard over the base of the neck.
    • For Ages 9-2. Length: 14.5
    • AEGIS Microbe Shield™

    • Model Number:

      CP912S7 (14.5 inch)