• X / System 7 Pro Chest Protector - Assorted Colors
    (Item#: CP30PRO )


    • The S7™ chest protector is the only protector that has wedge shaped abs, which help knock a ball straight down when blocking.
    • Designed to be light and thin, this chest protector has the best fit and breath ability.
    • Internal moldable PE protective plates are inserted in the throat, collarbone, and sternum areas to keep those locations well protected.
    • Deltaflex Harness allows for maximum adjustability and comfort, fitting a wide range of body types.
    • WEIGHT: 22.4oz
    • LENGTH:16.5"
    • All star chest protectors are measured from the top of the sternum (below the collar) to a player's navel.
    • The chest protector should fit high, with the throat guard over the base of the neck.
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